A Word of Thanks

I would like to take a moment to thank all those who helped in many ways during this Lenten season and Holy Week. Thank you to Arynn, Jean, and Jen for their parts in providing meaningful services which tell this most important story. Thank you to the choir, Faith Formation children, and others who shared music offerings during this season. For everyone who cooked soup, baked dessert, etc. To everyone who attended and assisted with the Seder meal on Monday evening, what a night! We appreciate the actors during our midweek Lenten services, and the readers during our Good Friday service. To each of you who hosted our services providing key leadership as Sunday Servants and carrying out our worship duties during Holy Week. For all who prayed during the Vigil, and who helped at the funeral on Holy Saturday, in the midst of already busy schedules; we give you thanks.
Lastly, thank you for coming, participating, and being part of our Holy Week observances. It is a privilege to serve you, proclaim the good news of the Gospel among you, and to believe these promises with you.
Let’s keep going!
Pastor Culynn

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