Children in the Church

The way we welcome children in worship affects the way they respond to
God’s love and his family. Let them know they belong here. Introduce
yourself and greet the child by name; they love high fives, low fives,
handshakes, and hugs.
Parents: Cheerios on the floor and Goldfish on our chairs aren’t a
problem. After all, the 5,000 were fed form a little boy’s lunch offered up
to Jesus. We encourage you to keep your children in the sanctuary and
help them learn the service and how to participate with us.
The noises children make are not a distraction but a natural expression of
who they are and “the joyful noise” God calls all of us to make.
As a congregation, please be understanding and supportive when parents
bring their children to worship and maybe has to take their child out.
When they return, make them feel welcome, encourage, and support
them. A smile goes a long way.
(Adapted from Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Redfield, SD)

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