Dear Friends in Christ-

On Sunday, the reading from Acts provided an important window into the first major skirmish and challenge that the early church faced. It’s possible the church would have come unhinged and they would have dropped the ball on proclaiming the message of Jesus’ death and resurrection. However, the whole congregation came together and each person was part of the solution. Some provided inspired insight and wisdom, others were elected to new leadership roles, and still others prayed for the leadership and the ongoing ministry.
As we continue in this Easter season, I would encourage you to consider one way in which you can personally strengthen the ministry and witness of our congregation. Could you be more intentional in your worship attendance? What if you were aware of the many daily opportunities you have to share Jesus’ love? Is God calling you to consider being part of the Caring Ministries Team and attend the training? Are their neighbors, friends, and guests who could use an invitation to be part of our vibrant community of faith? God has entrusted the Gospel to all of us. What a privilege it is to be called his children and to share his love together through our community of faith.
Sharing the Call with You –
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(April 29), you are invited to read:
Acts 9:1-31

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