Dear Friend’s in Christ –

Whenever I hear the conversion story of Saul, I try to think back to a moment in my life that was super dramatic, the pinpoint in my conversion. When did I really know Jesus? As far as I can tell, I can’t recall. In Holy Baptism, I underwent the cross and resurrection on March 20, 1988, but other than that…faith has always been the core of my life.
It’s possible that some of you were steeped in the faith like I was. Others of you may be able to locate a particular moment of conversion. Regardless of the experience, God continues the important work of making you his children, Christians or “little Christs.” That message and/or the experience is the foundation of our confession: “The cross alone is our theology,” Luther said. The law shows you your sin; the gospel of grace forgives you and raises you to new life. I’m thankful for this Word in my own life and to be able to share that message through the ministry of our congregation.
Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing –
Pastor Culynn
To prepare for worship on Sunday
(May 6), you are invited to read:
Acts 16:1-15
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