The Good News of Jesus Christ according to Mark

Ray Vanderlaan is a tremendous first-century scholar and Bible teacher. He did post-graduate work among Jewish scholars to understand the Jewish roots of the New Testament. One day during his class, a rabbi said, “Disciples want to be like the rabbi. They want to know how to think and live exactly like him. They want to be what the rabbi is. If you meet a Christian who has not read at least one of the Gospels of Jesus at least once a month, be leery of their discipleship.” When was the last time you spent intentional time with Jesus, studying
his Word, growing in prayer, and becoming a disciple of his teaching? This summer, Pastor Culynn is going to lead us on a 15-week experience of the Gospel of Mark. There will be several opportunities which you are encouraged to take part in:
• Sunday Morning Bible study with refreshments at 8:30am
• Sunday Morning Summer Service at 9:30am
• Reading schedule with devotional materials and Bible study
• Face-to-face conversations and Facebook Live experiences on
Wednesday evenings following WOW at 6:45pm
This summer, join fellow followers as we discover the good news of Jesus
through Mark’s Gospel account.

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