Dear Friends in Christ –

WOW! What a Spirit-filled morning we experienced yesterday! God’s Holy Spirit blew in like a mighty rushing wind and there was no way we could bar the door! Pentecost ought to be celebrated with the same gusto as Christmas & Easter…it’s the moment when God comes to dwell in us. The Spirit sends us out; he spurs us on! Oh what joy, that new life will go on! Please keep our graduating seniors in your prayers in the coming days and weeks. Also, may you wrestle with the priorities, values, and motives of your life. Pray that God’s Spirit would lay down the sinner in you and raise up a saint who longs to make Christ known!
The best way to make Christ known is to know Christ. Thus we have the motivation for our Summer Series. Beginning next week, join us as we encounter Jesus Christ, the Son of God. We will be spending some intimate time with Jesus through Mark’s Gospel, and I pray that you will take full advantage of the opportunities we will have available each week to grow in relationship with your crucified and risen Savior!

Knowing Christ & Making Christ Known –
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(May 27), you are invited to read:
Mark 1:1-15

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