Fourth Quarter Gains

By now, we hope you have heard that we are celebrating Holy Cross
Lutheran Church’s 30th anniversary. This milestone is exciting and we
give thanks for God’s faithfulness as we have carried out our mission to
be the church of Jesus Christ here in Maple Lake. We hope that the Word
preached, the sacraments shared, the community gathered, and the
sending of loving servants into the world is something to be celebrated
and commemorated.
Over the last year, congregational giving has been consistently under the
projected amounts that you approved as a congregation at our annual
meeting. Thankfully, several important projects have been completed, all
bills have been paid on time, and we continue to carry out excellent
ministry for our church family and significant outreach and mission have
been distributed in the community and the world. All this has been done
with your support and blessing as well as your own time and energy. We
pray that you realize the tremendous impact your financial contributions
have to further the Kingdom of God.
As we enter the fourth quarter, take a moment to reflect on your giving.
We hope that you understand the eternal value of the work that we are
doing together. This is about the salvation of souls, and we pray that you
will continue to build up the ministry of the church, so that we can head
into year 31 stronger and bolder than ever…not for ourselves but for the
sake of the Gospel: “The Word of the cross…is the power of God” (1
Corinthians 1:18).

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