Dear Friends in Christ – 

I cannot over-emphasize the profound value and importance of a church directory. It is a necessary tool for our life together. There are obvious realities: It helps connect names and faces and provides basic contact information. But also, it grants a sense of welcome and belonging to all who participate. It connects “newcomers” and “old-timers.” Even though it is outdated the moment it is printed, it provides a snapshot in time of the ministry and life we share.
Here’s is the honest truth: Just over 50 households of our 200 active member households have had their photo taken. Everything I’ve said above will be null and void should you choose not to participate. We cannot drag you in the door and demand you get your photo taken. At the same time, we’ve tried to make it as convenient as possible:

  • Photography is happening during high traffic times, Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings
  • The paperwork and photo session lasts approximately 8 minutes
  • There is no selling/purchasing of photos and you’ll receive a free copy of the directory when it’s all done!

A former pastor of mine used to say, “Just like communion is a taste of the heavenly banquet, so also the pictorial directory is a future glimpse into the Book of Life.” Will you be in it? I sure hope so! Thanks for being a part of our life together.

Through Jesus Christ, we are living the God-fashioned life together –
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(October 28), you are invited to read:
Judges 16:4-6, 15-31

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