Dear Friends in Christ-

Yesterday, we celebrated the festival of Christ the King. We look forward to the culmination of time when Christ will reign over all the world. Until that time, we celebrate his victory over sin and death and await the day when he shall come. Next Sunday, we begin our observance of the season of Advent. This season of preparation teaches us to wait with joyful expectation in a world that demands instant gratification. While the world around us observes Advent in the guise of Consumer-Christmas, I would like for us to explore how we can be messengers and ambassadors of Christ’s Kingdom in the world.
This week, be on the lookout for moments of peace. Where did you experience this gift? Did you have an opportunity to be a peacemaker? How did God reveal his peace to you?

Celebrating his Victory! Waiting in Peace!
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(December 2), you are invited to read:
Isaiah 26:1-12
Luke 21:25-36

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