Dear Friends in Christ-

Yesterday’s reading (John 11:55–12:8) left us wondering: What would you do if you had been raised from the dead? The question seems fantastical! The reality of such an event has taken shape through your Baptism. Lazarus and his family celebrated his resurrection with a dinner party for Jesus and his disciples. If with Christ you have been raised, how then would you live differently? I would imagine it is an adjustment for us all!
Our world has been tripped by the egos and pet projects of many these days. Sadness creeps ever closer to home with shootings and sickness and even death itself. When the weight of the world overwhelms you, when national or personal crisis confront you, do not feel that you must bear this burden alone. For Christ himself has defeated death and the enemies of his kingdom. In John 16:33 he announced: “Do not be afraid! I have overcome the world.”

Blessings on your week –
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(February 24), you are invited to read:
Matthew 28:16-20

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