Death to Life: Stories of the Cross and Resurrection throughout the Scriptures

On Sunday, March 3, we will conclude the Jesus Cycle of the
Schoolhouse Lectionary as we explore the mountaintops of Jesus life
and ministry. Then, beginning on Ash Wednesday, we will begin our
Lenten Series: Out of Death to Life. Along with our daily readings, we will
explore the breadth of the Scriptures through the lens of death and
Eight Sunday after Epiphany – March 3, 2019
Acts 1:1-14 – Exalted for you
Ash Wednesday – March 6, 2019
Genesis 3:1-24 – Bruising Heads and Heels
First Sunday in Lent – March 10, 2019
Exodus 14:1-31 – Into the Sea
Second Sunday in Lent – March 17, 2019
2 Samuel 12:1-25 – Put Away Your Sin and Death
Third Sunday in Lent – March 24, 2019
Jeremiah 29:1-14 – Exile and Restoration

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