Dear Friends in Christ –

Seder is a Jewish ritual. A ceremonial dinner for the first night, or first two nights of Passover. Everything in this meal has a purpose. It is a retelling of the story of the Israelite’s plight in slavery and how God saved them. It was instituted by God way back in Exodus, and is still held as sacred today in Jewish homes around the world. For us as Christians, it points us to God’s saving grace and mercy; Jesus.
God ordered the Israelite’s to cover their doorposts with the blood of a lamb, and when God see’s this blood he promises to “pass over” that house and not strike them with his plague of death.
So too for us. In communion we are eating and drinking the Lamb of God; Jesus.  How do we know this to be true? Jesus tells us. (Matthew 26:26-28. Mark 14:22-24, and Luke 22:14-20.) When God looks at us he does not see our sin, but the blood of his precious son, Jesus.  In times of trial we have to cling to this promise. Trusting not in our own works, but in the work that has already been accomplished for us in the saving blood of our Savior, Jesus.
In the next weeks, come and spend time contemplating this tremendous gift as we observe Holy Week. May the promise of the resurrection comfort you and give you strength.
In Christ,
Jean Wagner
Discipleship Coordinator

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(April 14), you are invited to read:
Luke 19:28-40

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