Dear Friends in Christ –

On the last day of the Schoolhouse Lectionary, we always hear a reading from Revelation. These grand visions evoke fear, awe, and were written for our comfort. These scenes are written to strengthen us on this path of life and to continue in the knowledge of saving faith. As we reflected on the Day of Resurrection and the Last Judgment, we also celebrated the accomplishments and the future endeavors of our graduating seniors.
At the end of the second service, we celebrated God’s promises to them and commissioned them to continue their course in the true faith of the Christian church. At the end of the service, by the laying on of hands and prayer, we asked most importantly that God’s Spirit would continue to be stirred up in them, bringing his sevenfold blessings upon them and keeping them in true faith all the days of their life. It is a grand and holy day; one of my favorites in the year. We have watched these young men and women grow up before us. We have encouraged and nurtured them in faith, and we send them with our blessing as an extension of our ministry in the world; that where they are, the message of Christ might be heard and experienced through them.

Please keep our graduating seniors and their families in your prayers in the coming weeks and months. May they know the blessing and peace of God now and forever.

Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(May 26), you are invited to read:
Luke 24:36-49

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