Summer Bible Study Series: Disciples of the Cross

In recent years, discipleship has become a catch phrase and a
revitalization program for the church. However, many discipleship
programs focus on practices and disciplines that shape our life and
behavior as followers of Jesus. This emphasis puts the focus in the wrong
place. Discipleship is not simply a set of practices that we schedule into
our day, but a constant awareness of Christ’s presence in our lives as we
focus on his Word. In conjunction with our preaching series, you are
invited to join Pastor Culynn as we listen to the Word and reflect on the
teachings of Jesus for our life of faith. For more on our theme, see page 5.
There will be two sessions each week:
Sundays at 8:50am (before service) and
Wednesdays at 6:50pm (after service). Workbooks will be available Sunday, June 16.

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