Dear Friends in Christ-

God sure has a sense of humor! Yesterday morning, the church was full and the theme of the service was stewardship. If you were away, you probably think that I preached on “money.” But as we heard, a broad and biblical understanding of stewardship includes our time, talent, treasure, and testimony. Maybe you were waiting for the expected requirement that often comes with stewardship sermons and temple talks. Instead, we learned that stewardship is the joyful, faith-filled response of those who have been receivers of God’s many gifts.
As you go about your week, pay close attention to the ways in which God is blessing you: food and drink, clothing and shoes, home and house, family and friends, etc. Take a moment to give thanks and consider ways in which you might share the blessings of God with others. Stewardship, dear friends, takes a lot more than money!

With a heart full of gratefulness!
Pastor Culynn

P.S. Thank you for the beautiful singing in church yesterday; as the first table was served during Holy Communion, you all sang a sermon to me as the words of “O Living Bread from Heaven” filled the sanctuary. It is a blessing to serve you and to be served by you.

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(August 25), you are invited to read:
Psalm 51:9-13; John 20:19-23

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