ONE SERVICE – Due to Snow!!

It seems that this weekend weather event is helping us to welcome the season of Advent appropriately! In conversation with the church council and for everyone’s safety, we will only have ONE Service tomorrow, December 1, 2019, at 10:30am. There will be no 8:00am service, refreshments, or Faith Formation hour. We hope that you will stick around to help with Advent Decorating Day.

The decision to adjust the Sunday morning schedule is difficult and not taken lightly. However, we are implementing the winter weather policy which was adopted by the church council last spring and has been published in the newsletters this fall.
Tier 1: Cancel first service and Faith Formation; keep 10:30am service as scheduled.
Tier 2: Cancel all events if winter weather and blizzard warnings are still in effect for the time(s) of services.
During the weekdays, if school cancels, the office will be closed and evening activities will also be canceled.

Please help spread the word to others. Thank you for your understanding. Please be safe as you make your way to church in the morning.

Happy Advent!
Pastor Culynn

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