Dear Friends in Christ –

What a weekend! Right on the heels of Thanksgiving, winter boldly arrived and set our weather policy in motion. Thank you for using caution to make it to church on Sunday. It was exciting to have a full service as we began the season of Advent! Those who were in attendance heard a smaller but wonderful addition of the praise bands; we are excited to have them leading worship. Thank you to everyone who assisted in decorating the building for the season. You could really feel the sense of community as we gathered yesterday.

Advent is an important season in the church year because it reminds us that not everything is instant gratification. It forces us to wait with anticipation. At the same time, our hearts well up with hope, because we are not waiting for the Savior to be born, but to come again and bring about his world fully restored!

Advent Blessings!
Pastor Culynn

P.S. Be sure to pay close attention to the variety of events that will be taking place over the next weeks by reading the December newsletter!

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(December 8), you are invited to read:
Psalm 85

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