Dear Friends in Christ –

The story of Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) is fascinating for so many reasons. All the details that Mark provides: the man’s familial relationships, his cry for help, the man’s willingness to throw off his expensive cloak, and the fact that he follows Jesus “on the way.” Each detail is a powerful reminder for the season of Lent:
  1. We are part of the family of God by virtue of our baptism. We belong to each other and are called to care for each other.
  2. With Bartimaeus, we can cry out to Jesus, the Son of David, and firmly trust that he will have mercy upon us too.
  3. We are called to throw off the old way of life just like Bart throws off his cloak. He leaves protection, comfort, and the tools of the trade behind, and trusts in Jesus alone to provide all of those things instead.
  4. Bartimaeus follows Jesus “on the way” to the cross and the empty tomb. We are called to follow too.
Blessed Lententide,
Pastor Culynn

P.S. I hope to see you at the Irish Parade on Saturday. I’ve been asked to sing again at the start of the parade. I’ll be near the Messenger building.

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(March 15), you are invited to read:
Mark 12:1-12

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