Dear Friends in Christ –

This e-mail is difficult for me to write. Facing the Great Three Days during our distancing and #StayHomeMN order has been extremely painful for me. Our beloved traditions and rites for this special week will not translate through a phone, tablet, or even a TV screen while you sit in your living room/kitchen. Simply put, they require the incarnate community. Therefore Holy Week will look, sound, and feel different this year. On Wednesday, you will receive a special edition of the Church @ Home e-mail, which will include the bulletins for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday (both services will be livestreamed at 7:00pm on Facebook Live) and Easter Sunday (9:30am on Sunday morning). I will also provide an outline of the changes and the biblical and theological symbolism which will still be communicated in the services.
Once we are able to gather together again, we will host a retreat entitled, “The Great Three Days,” where we will share fellowship, learning, and enact the services for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Resurrection Morning. Stay tuned. It is important for us to remember that the cross and empty tomb are past events. As Jesus said, they are “finished,” completed and accomplished. Yet, the work of the preacher and the worshiping community are to translate the untranslatable Christ Even into our own time, for our day, so that the sacred mysteries of Christ’s love and new life may become a reality for the hearers/worshipers. I pray you will hear and experience all this and more in our contemplation and reflections this week.

Hosanna* in the Highest,

Pastor Culynn

*Hosanna is a Hebrew word which means, “Save us.”

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