Dear Friends in Christ –

Over the course of the last two days, I spent a lot of time in the yard, cleaning out landscaping and preparing to do a little gardening. The time outside in the sun and the wind and with my kids was hard work, but I could see the progress: Day lilies unearthed from (two years) of debris and overgrowth. Soil, solid as concrete, broken up to release its nutrients into the food we hope to eat. All of this was evidence of time well spent. Most of us are doers; we want to get stuff done, meet our measurable goals, and cross things off our action item to-do-list. Many of you are able to work from home. Others are anxious abound pandemic and paycheck (and not necessarily in that order). Most of us have found this stay-at-home business is actually a lot more work, even tiring or exhausting.
But what do you do when you are called to stay-at-home and wait for yet another week? While there is some measurable data in other aspects of life (house projects, ventilators, etc.), when it comes to faith…we’ve finally figured out that there is nothing we can do. Luther put it this way in his commentary on Galatians: “We discover that we are nothing, even with all our great gifts, unless God is present. Unless he sustains us continually, the highest learning and even theology are useless. Therefore let us learn that if God withdraws His hand, we can easily fall and be overthrown. Therefore let no one boast or glory in his own righteousness, wisdom, and other gifts; but let him humble himself and pray with the apostles, ‘Lord, increase our faith.’ I am making a point of all this to keep anyone from supposing that the doctrine of faith is an easy matter. It is indeed easy to talk about but hard to grasp. Therefore let us with all diligence and humility devote ourselves to the study of Sacred Scripture and to serious prayer, lest we lose the truth of the Gospel.”

Waiting and praying with you and for you all,

Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(April 26), you are invited to read:
1 Corinthians 15:1-11

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