2020 Vision Initiative Reading

At the beginning of the year, you were encouraged to join our
congregation as we read the Bible together through various reading
Genesis-to-Revelation: By now, you have read the entire Torah (the
first five books of the Bible), the stories of conquest and settlement
of Israel, and the monarchies of the Northern and Southern
Kingdoms. While many of the books before were more factual
reporting, the books of Chronicles are a retelling of the monarchies
through a pro-monarchy opinion; a sort “what coulda/shoulda/
woulda happened” if everything went according to plan.
52 Scriptures You Should Know: Similar stories in the weekly
readings. Old Testament stories 17-21 recount the exiles of the
Northern Kingdom (Israel) & Southern Kingdom (Judah), and the
resettlement of Israel under the reign of Cyrus, King of Persia. New
Testament stories 17-21 share the teachings of Jesus.

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