Dear Friends in Christ –

This week Governor Walz issued Executive Order 20-56 partially reopening the economy.  Although not reopening places of worship, safe gatherings of 10 or less people at places of worship are authorized.  I know many in the Holy Cross family are eager to unite again in person for worship, fellowship and faith formation.  But now is still not the time.  Our church has nothing to gain by being defiant or trying to set an independent example to the government and the public.

Through electronic means the church council has been meeting regularly, and with the guidance of Pastor Culynn, has designed a safe plan for worship services once we can gather in groups of 40 or more.  Although detailed instructions will follow, this will include appropriate sanitation, spacing between seats in the sanctuary, masks and “holy humming” instead of singing.  But as always, each person must examine themselves and consider their present health, age and any underlying medical conditions before participating.  For even when we begin to gather again, electronic broadcasts of the services will continue for those unable to attend for any reason.

Even though we are scattered, our church remains strong and financially sound.  I thank you all for continuing to honor your stewardship commitments.  Because of you we continue to preach and teach the word reaching all those we can, while honoring all the financial obligations of the church.

Until we meet again, God Bless,

Steve Berg
Council President

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(May 24), you are invited to read:
Acts 1:1-14

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