Wright Co. Health Survey

Holy Cross has been asked by the Wright County Public Health department to partake in this influenza-like-illness survey. This responses go directly to Wright County Public Health department, the church does not receive any of this information. Thank you all very much for helping Wright County Public Health better serve the community! Thank you for your help:

  • Please take this survey if you are experiencing any type of flu-like symptoms. Information on what to do if you are experiencing any type of symptoms is included within the survey.
  • The survey is anonymous AND voluntary (as you can see in the survey we do not ask for names). Please fill out the survey to the best of your ability. If you do not wish to provide certain answers, that is ok.
  • Wright County will use this data to better serve the community at large, and allocate resources, particularly in anticipation of the forthcoming flu season that may coincide with Covid-19.
  • The survey is ongoing and may be accessed at any time via the link and will be available on the Wright County Public Health webpage in the near future.

Wright Co. Health Survey HERE

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