Dear Friends in Christ –

It seems that I struck a chord with my sermon yesterday. Maybe it was the concrete examples I used or the great sacrifice to which Christ calls us as we seek reconciliation. We shouldn’t minimize the expectation just because we think it’s too hard. Remember that Jesus is calling us to the newness of the kingdom of heaven in the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus does not want us to be hypocritical in living our life one way before God and in a different way among our neighbors, strangers, and fellow church members.

Remember, too, that the Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ introduction to the rest of his teachings in Matthew’s Gospel.
1) Talk directly to that person. If it works, you’ve gained a brother.
2) Bring a witness a second time. If it works, you’ve gained a brother.
3) Bring it to the community for consultation.
Jesus takes this pretty seriously. He wants us to put our best foot forward in an attempt toward forgiveness and reconciliation (if it is safe, of course). It may be that we’re so entrenched in the old way that his challenge seems impossible this side of heaven. Yet, it is also important for us to see just how new his kingdom really is and we need him as our Savior and Reconciler to make it possible on earth as it is in heaven.

Being challenged and inspired with you,

Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(June 14), you are invited to read:
Psalm 119:9-16: Matthew 5:27-37

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