Dear Friends in Christ –

Recently Margo taught me a little something about God. I was working in our office and trying to get a few things done…both personal matters and church-related obligations. As I typed out an e-mail she kept poking me and pushing her head underneath my arm. Then she started to climb into my lap and putting her face right in mine. Annoyed, I said, “What do you want?!” Her blue eyes lit up and she boldly declared: “YOU!”
I imagine God does the same thing! God pokes us in the beauty of a sunrise or sunset. He is prodding us with his commands which we’d rather ignore. In the community of faith and at the Lord’s Table, he climbs up and puts his face right in ours and declares: “YOU! It’s You I want and nothing else!” How wonderful to be loved by the Creator of the whole world, who is busy fielding every need, wish, and request, but still wants you, totally and completely to himself! 

By the way, I’ll be giving Margo an extra snuggle/cuddle today.
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(October 3), you are invited to read:
Exodus 3:1-20

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