Dear Friends in Christ –

Exodus 16 recounts the unforgettable story of the Manna in the Wilderness. Having just been delivered from slavery and saved from the Egyptians at the Red Sea, the people quickly begin complaining about how hungry they are and how they preferred life in Egypt! You’ve got to be kidding me?! As I read that story over and over again, I was humbled and surprised by one, very important detail. Moses didn’t fly off the handle at their complaint; he never had the chance. God intervened. In reading this story, I was convicted and comforted.
Over the last year, I felt that I was shouldering the burden and responsibility of our life together all on my own. I was not trained in epidemiology or public health. I tried to strike a balance with the information available; I wanted to please everyone. I tried to pivot with each change, sometimes gracefully, sometimes getting tripped up on myself. I am sorry. I wish that I would’ve realized sooner that God was always two steps ahead of you and me.
You’ve never been *my* responsibility; You’ve always belonged to God. I’m simply his messenger, a stand-in, delivering his Word and promises for you. Thankfully, God intervened every step of the way. This was a scary and exhausting 19 months for your pastor, and I’m still recovering. But, thank you for your patience, your flexibility, your understanding, for showing up (online and in-person), your tremendous financial support, your sustaining prayers, and your grace. It seems that’s the only way we get through this…you and me…and God…together!

Standing in,
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday  
(October 17), you are invited to read: 
1 Samuel 3:1-21

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