Dear Friends in Christ –

After the recent cold snap, it seems that I’ve got some trouble with a car battery; not surprising since it has been so cold. I’ve got a call into my car shop (there’s a couple of other things that need to be tended to as well). And of course, they’re busy…so it might be next week. So, I get up a little earlier, keep a pair of cables handy, and start the car a little sooner. This is what winter in the Upper Midwest is all about, right?
But, I wonder if we all are a little bit like my car battery. We’ve been managing fine, maintaining pretty well. But then a cold snap hits–a hurtful word, a dumb decision, an unexpected phone call. You turn the key over, but nothing happens (or as in the case of my car it clicks and every gauge needle tweaks out)! We’re depleted. And then, I need a stranger or church member to assist, to reboot, to restart. I hope that whenever you tune in to church (sanctuary service, Bible study, YouTube, facebook, Zoom)…Whenever you encounter another sister or brother in Christ…Whenever you turn to the Scriptures or a moment of silent prayer…I hope that you know that you aren’t actually dead. You just need a jumpstart of the Spirit, a connection with a friend of faith, an opportunity to begin again through the forgiveness and abundant life available in Jesus! It’s available here – you make it happen and you are a part of it!

Thanks for all you do!
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday  
(January 16), you are invited to read: 
John 2:1-11

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