Dear Friends in Christ –

During the Faith Formation hour (Sundays at 9:15am), we will be exploring the values and commitments that shape the ministry and fellowship of Holy Cross Lutheran Church as well as our life of faith. We call it “The God-fashioned Life,” and it is based on 5-6 key tenets that guide us.
– WORD (09/25): We believe the Word of God is the source and norm for our faith and life. The Bible is a living and active Word, guiding and accusing Christians in daily life (law) and granting eternal promises received in faith (gospel). 
– WORSHIP (10/02): We believe that God’s Spirit regularly gathers Christians to receive God’s gifts of forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation through Jesus Christ. These are distributed through the Word and the Sacraments. Even with busy schedules, Christians worship weekly. (Come for a special worship service on Sunday, October 2, and meet a potential new mission partner.)
– COMMUNITY (10/09): We believe in the importance of Christian fellowship and sharing one another’s joys and burdens. Christians look to one another for accountability and support in this life. 
– CONFESSION (10/16): We believe Christians are able to articulate their beliefs and live them out in daily life, guided by the ancient creeds and Lutheran Confessions. 
– SPIRITUAL GIFTS & SERVICE (10/23): We believe the Holy Spirit has equipped each of us with gifts and talents that are used in, with, through, and outside of the church to make Christ known in word and deed.

I look forward to our reflections together, 
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday  
(September 25), you are invited to read: 
Genesis 39:1-23

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