Dear Friends in Christ –

I had a very cool experience on Sunday. We were able to attend service with my folks and Grandma, as well as Meg’s family yesterday. It happens on a very rare occasion and it was pretty special. But what happened after the service was also unique. Many of you went up to them, welcomed and visited, and embraced these people who I dearly love. Although it is second-nature to many of you, it was very special for me. I pray that friends and guests of our congregation receive such a welcome every Sunday.
Also on Sunday, we began our Summer Series, Disciples of the Cross. This excellent Bible study series by Sola Publishing will be the basis of our Summer Services and our community Bible study this summer. I am very excited about the content and the opportunity to preach on these themes as we reflect on Jesus’ call to be his disciples even today. While you will get the gist of it in the summer service and sermon, I want to encourage you to join us for Bible Study at 8:50am on Sunday mornings or at 6:45pm on Wednesday evenings (it will be the same content at each session). There are still workbooks available; pick one up soon! These half hour sessions will introduce key themes and give us an opportunity for deeper learning and growth together!

Following Jesus with you,
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(June 23), you are invited to read:
Psalm 131:1-3, Mark 10:32-45

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