Dear Friends in Christ –

At second service yesterday, Margo was in fine form. She wanted nothing more than to be up front with me. I remember this with Oliver, but that phase seems so quickly gone and forgotten that it is like a new experience all over again. In the screams and fits which she gave us, it is a reminder of how God’s commandments curb our behavior, even restraining us for our own good and protection. This is not lost on God, of course. He designed it that way.
But God does not want to deal with us according to his law or our sin. Instead, he longs to be our heavenly Father, giving himself entirely to us, showing us his all-consuming passion and steadfast love for his children.  We thank you so very much for the welcoming environment of our church. Our children are experiencing the grace and love of God through you as they are learning what it means to attend church and be followers of Jesus.

With appreciation,
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(October 13), you are invited to read:
Ruth 1:1-17

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