Dear Friend’s in Christ –

I worked at a Bible Camp during college. Every day that summer, the pre-teens that were in our care wanted to listen/karaoke to “We’re All in This Together,” from Disney’s High School Musical. We didn’t realize how much we (as a staff) had used that phrase in general conversation, staff meetings, and even with our cabins until we started listening to that song on repeat all summer long. It became a running joke! The whole crew of us would burst into song, whenever the phrase slipped through the lips of an offender. The song is annoying, the truth of the lyrics still stand.

  • Our mission with the larger church
  • The ministry we do together on Sunday mornings and in faith formation
  • The blend of our voices in song and in prayer

We really are in this together. It takes nearly 15 people to host one worship service at Holy Cross. That means there is something for all of us to do, and most of it isn’t that difficult. Thank you for willingly signing up to assist with hosting our Sunday morning services. If you are assigned for Sunday Servant responsibilities and can’t make it, please try to find your replacement; or at least let us know in the office. We recognize that life is busy, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. It is much easier to go into a Sunday morning knowing there may be some holes, rather than scrambling just minutes before a need arises. The Service of God’s House is the chief ministry we do together. Thank you for your membership and ownership of all aspects of our mission. The impact it has on individual lives and for the sake of God’s kingdom is not lost on us. Thanks for signing up, stepping up, helping out, and sharing the load…together!

We are all in this together!
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(October 27), you are invited to read:
1 Kings 12:1-20

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