Dear Friends in Christ-

You might be surprised what the hardest part of the pandemic has been for me. It’s exciting to share the Word through social media and other technology outlets. I am grateful that since mid-June, we have done our best to provide meaningful in-person services and do so with precautions to mitigate the spread of the disease. I’m not crazy about my mask, but I’m getting used to that too. The thing that is most difficult for me is the fellowship around the Word. I know that I can see you out and about in our communities. I’m trying to keep up with you on Facebook. For the fall and winter, we are even working on some Community Opportunities “With A Purpose.” But none of that is as valuable as fellow disciples gathered to listen to Jesus speak to us through his Word in Bible classes, confirmation, and children’s faith formation.
Two reflections about all of this:
1) As long as the Christian Church continues to confess that God’s Son was born of the Virgin Mary and became a human being, in-the-flesh, then there is an embodied nature to our ministry. Digital community will suffice for a while, but eventually we need to be a community of the incarnation.
2) We are and will continue to be a diverse community, from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences from all walks of life.
As I mentioned in yesterday’s sermon: Even though we don’t all agree politically, we are still sisters and brothers in Christ. We are in danger of losing sight of the Center. This is one of the pitfalls of being divorced from the fellowship around the Word. I just love that quote from Pastor Derwin Grey: “We are not identified by elephants or donkeys, but by the blood of the Lamb.” May we as Holy Cross Church never lose sight of that very important truth!
Longing for the Community of Christ!
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(September 6), you are invited to read:
Psalm 17:1-15: Matthew 7:21-29

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