Faith Formation & Community Opportunities

• Children’s Faith Formation Hybrid gatherings (in-person, outdoor or Zoom meetings) are
being planned for the fall and winter. Resources will also be available to supplement the
Narrative Lectionary.
• Triple L: Lutherans, Lunchtime, and Lectionary Weekly Zoom meeting on Tuesdays during
the lunch hour. Enjoy lunch with fellow members and friends, check-in, brief Bible
study/devotion and prayer; starting Tuesday, September 15 at 11:45am.
• Confirmation for eighth and ninth grade students will begin Wednesdays, September 16, at
7:00pm with family orientation. I have prepared the Small Catechism curriculum so that we
can meet in-person but easily adapted to a Zoom format if necessary.
• Breakfast Club will begin Friday, September 18, at 7:25am on Zoom. High school/collegeaged students who are doing hybrid and distant learning are invited to grab breakfast, meet
on screen, check-in, and have brief devotion and prayer.
• Bethel Series – New Testament will resume this fall in a hybrid format; gathering in the
Fellowship Hall or through Zoom. Start date has been moved to Monday, October 5.
• Community Opportunities “with a purpose”: Develop monthly fellowship opportunities
“with a purpose,” to provide care kits, work project, etc.

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