Dear Friends in Christ-

Over the course of the last week, The Spirit of God has blown new life and energy through the gathering spaces of our congregation. Last Wednesday, confirmation students gathered for the first, in-person class I’ve taught since March; it was very refreshing for me! Over the weekend, two families celebrated the Rite of Baptism (there will be one more next weekend too). Again, through water and the Word, God saved two young children from the grip of the grave and raised them to salvation through Jesus Christ. On Saturday, some of us attended the Augustana District Convention in-person and through Zoom. It was an excellent event, and we can be grateful for our partnership with the District. On Sunday morning, eight young adults confirmed their faith through the confession of faith and the laying on of hands. Although our ministry has been well-adapted to the unique circumstances of this time, rest assured: The church continues to proclaim the good news of Christ our Savior in all we say and do! 

Renewed by the Spirit of Word & Community!
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship on Sunday  
(October 4), you are invited to read: 
Exodus 12:1-13; 13:1-10

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