Thank you to Ron Elam, Jason George, Jerry Stockham, and Kelly
Mayville as they make their return as Catechists (teachers of the
catechism, for Confirmation). We are still looking for one woman to
assist with the girls’ small group. In conjunction with Pastor Culynn’s
large group learning, these leaders guide 2 small groups, 6 boys and 5
girls through our lessons.
Confirmation meets in-person each Wednesday evening, 7:00-8:15pm.
This year, we are studying Lutheran theology using Luther’s Small
Catechism. Students are also creating Lutheran Worldview Maps which
help them to visualize and interpret our Lutheran theology.
The first unit of Confirmation relates to the Ten Commandments. The
Commandments are given to us as boundary and blessing for our
relationships. The first three commandments are given for our vertical
relationship to God. Beginning October 21, we will discuss our the
horizontal relationships with family, friends, and neighbors in the
remaining commandments.

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