Dear Friends in Christ-

Sunday marked a number of milestones for our faith community at Holy Cross; it had been over 15 months since we had gathered together in a “normal” fashion. For me, this realization started with the simple act of lifting open the serving door between the kitchen and the fellowship hall. It felt so good! During the Lord’s Prayer I took a moment to stop and just listen as everyone said the prayer together. Then came hearing Pastor Culynn sing the Words of Institution. I assure you, I was not the only one wiping my eyes!
We had ice cream sundaes to celebrate these milestones. Again, just listening to the chatter of everyone’s voices filled my heart with simple joy! And when the crowd didn’t complain when we ran out of coffee, (RAN. OUT. OF. COFFEE!) I knew I was not alone in my joy.
We will make more coffee this Sunday! Cannot wait to see you smiling!
Together in Christ!
Jean Wagner

To prepare for worship on Sunday
(June 6), you are invited to read:
Ephesians 1:1-14

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