Prayer Intention for Summer

Keeping the Sabbath: Summer is often a time for recreation and
relaxation. After the year, we all could use an extended sabbatical, family
trips/vacations or more time at the lake. Luther reminds us that the
Third Commandment is a lot more than just rest. The Sabbath is
hallowed and sanctified (i.e. – made holy), when the faithful hear the
Word of God and the preaching of it. Let us pray for the people of Holy
Cross, that we may be re-membered and re-created in the routine of
Sabbath keeping.
O Lord our God, teach us to fear and love you, so that we do not despise
your Word and the preaching of it. By your Holy Spirit, call and gather us
with the whole Christian church on earth and keep us in unity with Jesus
Christ in the one true faith. Amen

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